November 2015, FOAM Amasterdam, The Netherlands

“我们从未不认识-中国当代摄影展览”是由荷兰Foam摄影美术馆及何香凝美术馆主办,由品项协办,于荷兰 Foam 摄影美术馆举办的一场关于中国当代摄影的展览,由冯博一、刘钢及王东担任联合策展人,挑选了中国6位不同代际的,活跃的摄影艺术家,他们用不同于传统,而又具有中国文化环境的新视觉,展示了中国这个时代现实和自我的问题。

Following the successful presentation in the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai of exhibitions put together by Foam, this autumn the museum will be staging We May Have Met Before, an exhibition of the work of seven contemporary Chinese artists, compiled by the internationally famous Chinese curator Feng Boyi, Liu Gang and Wang Dong. Seven important artists, from different generations, reflect on today’s China. They all have strong links with the artistic tradition of their native country, while also offering new and refreshing perspectives on reality. The exhibition gives an insight into contemporary China, the current cultural environment there, new artistic developments and the position of photography.