December 24, 2016 – February 15, 2017 Shenzhen, China

“造·界 2016海上世界灯光节”由创意品项策划,联合阿姆斯特丹灯光节与德国Connecting Cities共同甄选了九件来自中国、荷兰、德国以及加拿大的互动性灯光及影像装置作品。本届灯光节尝试着冲破艺术、设计与建筑领域之间的藩篱,以创作者们对“光”的独特演绎开启着观众的多维度体验。公众将置身于作品当中,与之互动,同光共舞。“光”突破了日常的静态局限,变得可触可感。这便是“造·界”,即我们意图制造的光的意象的世界,一个向所有人开放的、可居可游的海上灯光之界。同时,我们亦在努力地“破”界。通过对东西方国家间灯光与影像装置的集中展示,我们试图以“光”为媒,连结起彼此迥异的文化语境中人们对光的体验,为公众打造新体验和感知空间。光成为了有效的、共通的语言,观众的眼前好似一幅画作徐徐展开:光聚海上,触游世界。

“Boundary of Light – 2016 Sea World Light Festival” is curated by The Pin Projects. In collaboration with Amsterdam Light Festival and Connecting Cities(Germany), 9 interactive lighting and video installations from China, The Netherlands, Germany and Canada are on display. This year’s festival aims toblur the boundaries between art, design and architecture, and offer a multidimensional experience to visitors through a unique interpretation of light byits creators. Visitors can place themselves in the installations, and can interact and dance with the light. Light itself can break through daily static limitations,becoming something touchable. This is the boundary of light – we intend to create a world of light imagery that becomes a sea of light open to all,wherein one can live and swim endlessly.. Yet the intention is also still to break boundaries. Through the display of light and video installations from thewest and the east, we use light as a medium to connect people from different cultural backgrounds and their perspective towards light. Light in this waybecomes an effective common language, the audience’s eyes are like how a painting slowly starts: light gathers in an ocean, and touches the world.