September 23 – October 16, 2016 Beijing, China

2016年的“太古里灯光节”由创意品项策划,联合阿姆斯特丹灯光节,MU/Strp ,Public Art Lab 甄选了十位来自中国,荷兰,德国以及加拿大的10多位新媒体艺术家以及设计师所创作的10件互动性灯光装置作品,分别为——《控制与否》、《比这更好》、《映射》、《LED地毯》、《重现》、《行人》、《机器的自在之语》、《声动竹林》、《光之战车》、《破坏性观测场》。在此次展览中太古里与策展方尝试在邀请艺术家的同时也邀请到设计师及建筑师来创作出不同于常规的作品,以打破艺术与设计的边界,并呈现出当代视觉艺术、设计、和建筑互相渗透,互相作用的特点。

The Pin Projects is the curator of the Shuo·Taikoo Li Light Festival 2016. For this event, which lasts from September 23rd to October 16th, we selected ten world-renowned light installations, including “Control Not Control”, “Much Better Than This”, “Reflecting Holons”, “LED Carpet”, “To Be Reproduced”, “Pedestrian”, “The Unfettered Language of Machines”, “Listening Bamboo”, “Light Battle” and “Destructive Observation Field”. This year, the Light Festival focuses more on innovation and art of life, and has become a significant public art project of Beijing Design Week. The creators of these works – light art designers from China, Netherlands, Germany and Canada – will attend the lighting ceremony to personally introduce their works.