September 2013, Beijing, China

2013北京国际设计周主宾城市阿姆斯特丹的主题活动“设计去荷兰”,品项团队首次与荷兰驻华大使馆合作,阿姆斯特丹主宾城市项目,由刘钢担任总监,品项担任项目执行团队并承办荷兰馆的全部项目。“设计去荷兰”项目旨在让中国观众更加熟悉先进、创新、实用的荷兰设计方案,尽量培养中荷参与者间的互动。每年举办的北京国际设计周(BJDW)在北京全城开展活动,展示设计全领域内的最佳作品。阿姆斯特丹受邀主办2013年设计周的主宾城市活动。荷兰首都有幸与米兰、伦敦等设计中心并肩,受邀主办这一特殊活动。该活动包括了荷兰创意产业的诸多(新)参与者,由阿姆斯特丹市、荷兰创意产业基金会、荷兰机构、新机构以及创意领域内其它多家组织和多个个人联合协办。该活动围绕三大主要活动展开。在BJDW各主要场地设展,展出马塞尔 万德斯(Marcel Wanders)等新生代以及主要设计师的作品,均与北京这座城市以及中国设计师们开展对话。

The theme of the Amsterdam Guest City Program at Beijing Design Week 2013 was “Design Goes Dutch.” This project was the first time The Pin Projects collaborated with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China. The Amsterdam Guest City Program and the entire Dutch Pavilion program was directed by Liu Gang and executed by The Pin Projects. The goal of the “Design Goes Dutch” was to familiarize Chinese audiences with advanced, innovative, and practical Dutch designs, encouraging interaction between Chinese and Dutch participants. Beijing Design Week events are held all over the city each year, presenting the best of design. Amsterdam was named the Guest City for the 2013 Beijing Design Week. Fortunately, the capital of the Netherlands, which is close to design centers such as Milan and London, was chosen for this special program. This event incorporated many (new) participants from the Dutch creative industries, coordinated by the city of Amsterdam, the Dutch Creative Industries Fund, Holland, The New Institute, and numerous other creative organizations and individuals. The program focused on three major themes. Exhibitions were held at each of the primary Beijing Design Week venues, which presented the work of Marcel Wanders and other established and emerging designers and engaged in dialogue with the city of Beijing and Chinese designers.