July 2013中国 苏州 金鸡湖美术馆 Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China

由品项团队担任展览执行方,品项执行总监刘钢作为联合策展人,于金鸡湖美术馆推出的“我们在这儿-鲁小本&泰斯当代艺术个展”,展出来自荷兰的摄影组合鲁小本与泰斯两位艺术家的作品。这对艺术家组合把两项工作合二为一 , 是两个有创意头脑的结合。他们打破以往我们对摄影艺术的概念,通过摄影这个媒介来反映周围所认知的世界,同时也通过这个媒介与各种有创造力和具协作精神的想法相交融。

Executed by The Pin Projects and jointly curated by Liu Gang, “One Group Show” was held at the Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, featuring the work of Dutch photography duo WassinkLundgren. The pair has brought their creative minds together in their combined artworks, breaking from our previous conceptions of photography as an art form; through the medium of photography, they present the world around them and blend various creative and cooperative spirits.