September 2014 Suzhou Jinji Lake Museum, China

January 2015 Design Center, Macau, China

由荷兰埃因霍温设计学院、苏州金鸡湖美术馆联合主办, 刘钢及著名策展人冯博一担任联合策展人的“自我/非自我—荷兰当代设计大展”,2014年9月于苏州金鸡湖美术馆举办开幕展。该展览呈现了荷兰设计领域最前卫、最具实验性的创作,展出先后从荷兰埃因霍温设计学院毕业的校友作品,曾于埃因霍温、米兰、纽约等多地展出,现已经成为荷兰设计界著名设计师的代表性作品展,这次展览将展出来自荷兰27个设计工作室及设计师的作品。埃因霍温设计学院为荷兰最著名的设计学院,本次展出的作品来源于设计师个人对艺术和世界的感知,在与社会互动的过程中,通过装置、影像等多媒介的表现形式,以设计为译者,解构、重构世界,形成了“自我/非自我”的展览理念,作品与以往的图标无关,更多涉及设计师对社会文化、生活及问题的思考,从设计中衍生出来的一些新观念、新方法,作品能够直抵生活中的细枝末节,发掘生命中的美学真谛和自然中的话语本质,彰显符号意义和象征表述的独特魅力。

Organized by the Eindhoven Design Academy and Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum and jointly curated by Liu Gang and noted curator Feng Boyi, “Self/ Unself: Dutch Contemporary Design”opened at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum in September 2014. This exhibition presented the most avant-garde and experimental pieces of Dutch design, including works by Eindhoven Design Academy alumni. Previously shown in Eindhoven, Milan, and New York, the exhibition features classic pieces by 27 of the best Dutch design studios and designers. Eindhoven Design Academy is the most famous Dutch design school, The exhibited works reflect the designers’ understanding of art and the world, and in this process of societal interaction, installations, video, and other expressive media are translated through design, thereby deconstructing and reconstructing the world and creating the concept of “Self/Unself.” The artworks are unrelated to any previous imagery; they are more closely focused on designers’ considerations of culture, life, and its problems, as well as new concepts and methods related to design. The works are saturated with the minor details of life, unearthing the aesthetic essence of life and the discursive essence of nature, showcasing the unique charm of symbolic meaning and interpretation.